Entry #6

Everything by everyone?

2013-04-25 12:49:18 by Foxtacy


There was a time where new songs or new artists had a little more space here on newgrounds.

I've been doing songs since 2008. Ever since, i improved a lot as a VG Musician i kinda know that.

But, i don't know. Newgrounds always struck me as a "not fair" place to show your work, because the newgrounds audience already have their favorites, such as ParagonX9, Helix, and many others.

I'm not implying that i am a lot better or worse than them, that's not my point here. It's just that posting songs here never did any good to me as a VG Musician due to the large number of submissions being posted every minute.

But maybe i am to blame too. I stay long periods without submitting any new songs, and this could also contribute to my lack of views on my songs, and i comment a lot less than i did back then.

I don't know, just saying.

Not to mention those stupid idiots that flood your posts with some hate talk.



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2013-04-25 13:14:57

You make some good points, and as the user base ages, so does their browsing habits (me included). I guess the best course of action, would be to build up a small reserve of new songs, then post them over the course of a week or a weekend...

As of late, there's plenty of new and amazing content, but no one's looking at them! I wish new members wouldn't consider this a dumping ground for links back to YouTube, or wherever they want attention.

Foxtacy responds:

I was seriously considering youtube... But the newgrounds music player is the best i know so... i don't think it will work.

But hey, that's a nice idea. Gather up a number of songs, and submit them all on a weekend? great idea! :D


2013-04-25 13:35:05

Yeah well I came to terms a while ago that NG isn't the best place to try launch yourself as an artist.
Unless you make generic dubstep then the other markets are held down by the long time favs of NG.

I branched onto youtube and get a great response there but I still upload to NG just because I like its audio system.

Foxtacy responds:

I've considered youtube... i really did! I've seen a lot of Audio Producers arise from there...

Perhaps there is where the pot of gold is.


2013-04-25 13:39:45

Hmm, ParagonX9 you say... one of my favorites! :D It's a shame, but that is how it is, most people don't get the recognition they deserve, and the ones that do get recognition often end up getting too much of it. The AP is still filled with great audio though, and it's always an experience to skim though. I liked the old slogan better though, 'the problems of the future, today' was something everyone could live up to or relate to.

Foxtacy responds:

I kinda have a nice audience here in my country, and also, i've authoriized those to use my content at will...

It's been great! :D


2013-04-25 16:11:31

I guess the trick is, to upload after the content rush.. maybe shoot for early Sunday morning, Memorial day weekend? Friday after work always floods with content, and a lot of stuff gets overlooked till later. By Sunday morning, the submission glut will be over, and you can .....

Hmm, maybe it's better to submit early Friday? Forget what I said up there... all I know is late last month, Easter/Spring Break/April Fool's all back-to-back, really inundated the Portal, took days to clear up. Could really use Nielson ratings up in here :\

Foxtacy responds:

Nice Tip! i'll take note!