Everything by everyone?

2013-04-25 12:49:18 by Foxtacy


There was a time where new songs or new artists had a little more space here on newgrounds.

I've been doing songs since 2008. Ever since, i improved a lot as a VG Musician i kinda know that.

But, i don't know. Newgrounds always struck me as a "not fair" place to show your work, because the newgrounds audience already have their favorites, such as ParagonX9, Helix, and many others.

I'm not implying that i am a lot better or worse than them, that's not my point here. It's just that posting songs here never did any good to me as a VG Musician due to the large number of submissions being posted every minute.

But maybe i am to blame too. I stay long periods without submitting any new songs, and this could also contribute to my lack of views on my songs, and i comment a lot less than i did back then.

I don't know, just saying.

Not to mention those stupid idiots that flood your posts with some hate talk.


I did not forget this

2011-09-27 23:46:52 by Foxtacy

I'm just really busy...

I intend to come back, after studiyng new possibilities with synthesyzers ^_^

Be ready. :)

I will post them ASAP!

Hope you all like it!

Remixed (at least 1 song) from:

- C&C1
- Jill of the Jungle
- Jazz Jackrabbit 1
- Sonic the Hedgehog (From Master System)

And will add 3 new original songs =)

Sheesh! it's been a while!

"Hell it's about time =)"

I decided to remix 1 of mine for the first song of 2010. And i am planning to make a DUMP OF SONGS as soon as i get them ready, i have 2 new songs now, but i am not going to put them here... i will wait...

But meanwhile!

C'mon guyz, remix my songs, please please pleeeeeeeease pretty pleeeeeeeeease, (*puppy eyes*).

Will anyone EVER remix one of my songs? They suck THIS BADLY?

For that i am sorry, i'm not a professional at audio. I do songs for fun! But i'd like to improve!

I like making new songs! but i would like to take it to the professional level (someday, hopefully...)

Kmon now, if you have the answer to this question, listen to some of them, please make a comment or review, send a pm, WHATEVER, but let me know the way to improve.

Kmon, srsly now, kmon... someone... plz remix my songs x_x.

I will hug you if you do =3... NOT.


2008-09-30 20:07:46 by Foxtacy

Hello everybody, well, i'm posting a new song shortly and, feel free to put it on an animation (as long as you give me credit)

well, here is the real thing.

i want to know, what do you think about when you hear my songs, by making to it a flash animation and putting them on it. The songs i want you to use are:

Silent Thoughts
Crystal neon
Blue City Lights
Pulsar (it's a loop, not really a song, but if you want to)

i am really curious to see what will come out from this, if you want to participate, send me a pm!

Thank you very much. =)

oh btw don't forget to check out my profile for new songs once in a month (cuz that's when i try to make new songs XD)


2008-03-26 19:53:51 by Foxtacy

i'm gonna be away from newgrounds for a while... to seek further knowledge on eletronic style music, and then, when i return, perhaps i can make some better songs, or make songs with better effects and arrangements... so... that's all for now... some day... one of my songs will be the best of the week...